I woke this morning; Sunday yahoo no work. It's been a very full on work week! I wanted to stay in bed and just slow down and relax. I started to breath slowly with the intention of not engaging in all the usual thoughts. things to do etc. I really needed to stop and plug into some peace and silence. I realize this is the place that connects me to joy, aliveness, balance, peace and well being; this is the source of energy; the recharge station. 

No ...surprise ! the incredible thought process kicked in, in relation to the past and future; and the problem solving capacity; amazing! It started doing what it does best, ‘it’s always on’ and looking for something to engage in, resolve, a truly incredible piece of technology. It loves a challenge. 

My mind, my hard drive; has been programmed though all the experiences of my life. It has incredible memory / data storage and the response and learning capability given any situation, is a marvel to behold, and the problem solving capacity is miraculous! 

Thoughts were randomly coming up, the movie I saw last night, the song I heard, pizza so many random ridiculous thoughts, that are an absolute waste of time. These thoughts weren’t chosen by me to engage in, these thoughts were just rolling in randomly. Like movies, a T.V. channel on automatic perpetual motion. 

When my attention is taken by one subject /thought process, I identify with it, and become totally involved, and go with it. 
It was so obvious that this mind / hard drive has a life of its own, and has nothing to do with me. When I identify with what is being presented, I get totally involved, no difference between me and the movie. But in these moments; in this awareness, I can see clearly what is actually going on; and in seeing this, there is peace.

 I am so grateful when this happens.                           

The song 'Everything We See Is Just A Dream' from the album 'Surrender' -… 

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