I am grateful for this opportunity to share these writings with you. For me writing brings reflection, clarity, insight and healing. The real healing through writing is realizing that my need to keep quiet, is far greater than my need to express.

There are also quotes from different people. I find these to be revealing and inspirational reminders of what's important in this precious life; and for me that's to stop, and rest in the peace that's always here.

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Before dawn I recalled a dream I had last night. I remembered my Father; and how hard he worked; every day with so little time to do the things he loved; he worked into his late 60's. And my Mum was endlessly doing 'housework' there was always something to do, she almost never stopped.        

As dawn broke, and still in a half dream state, the dream turned into a fearful reflection and realization, that I was repeating my Fathers and Mothers life. I say this with love, respect and deep appreciation for my Mother and Father. 

My life has changed of recent time having just recovered from shingles and various other dents to my body. 

I have always been so particular of how I keep my home. Clean orderly beautiful and nurturing. The past few months I have had to let go of everything being up to a certain self imposed standard. I can see the fine line between neurotic obsesive habitual behaviour, and simply keeping my home beautiful in a relaxed way. 

I can see my tendency to turn my life into a stressful pre-occupation with work and all the other day to day demands and 'commitments" I avoid taking time for myself to stop and sit on the day bed and enjoy the beauty of nature that's all around me, 

It's now sunrise, and as the light streams into my bedroom and I look around, in the brightness of the morning light, spider webs and dust on the cupboard next to my bed is revealed and magnified. My tendency has always been to immediately remedy what I see as an 'uacceptable situation'. 

Instead I walked out onto the verandha and sat on the day bed in the new morning light; feeling the warmth on my face, that magnified and revealed the stillness and peace that's here when I stop 'doing' 

I can see that this precious life is short; and it gives me the opportunity to see what's important. 

In the light of day I can see all that has to be done, and I can also see the need to stop and rest in the underlying beauty that's always here. 

Long after I am gone; the dust will remain.                                         


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I can read the most inspiring quote that touches me profoundly; or be stopped in my tracks by the stunning beauty of nature. But in those precious moments, I abandon the possibility, the invitation, this doorway to the eternal. Almost instantly my mind goes into motion, I translate it, define it, process it; I move on; a story to be told an experience to be shared, in that moment I have betrayed the beloved and the precious invitation. 

I find myself more interested in sharing a profound experience than surrendering to it, and allowing myself to be taken totally by it. At what point in my life am I going to surrender to that precious moment once and for all, and pierce the veil of fear, and my habitual need to define it, to endlessly move onto the next experience.

Such irony, obsessed with all the experiences and justifications to keep moving on, all in the name of finding peace, love, joy and freedom. And when the moment comes, when existence invites me to surrender again and again to this profound beauty, to let go completely, to surrender, to die to this beauty; will I abandon and reject this precious opportunity again and again? 

I read a quote that inspires me and touches me deeply; and then it's all about getting the book, reading more quotes. doing the workshop meeting the person, sharing it on Facebook. 

One inspiring quote, one stunningly beautiful sunrise is enough; nothing more is needed if I surrender completely to the place that has been touched so profoundly in me. 

To stop ignoring and rejecting the beloved that is knocking on my door 24/7; each moment there is the opportunity to surrender, to rest in the peace and joy that I endlessly search for tomorrow. 

(Sweet Surrender ~… )                




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It’s 4.30 in the morning and I have been lying awake in bed for the past 2 hours thinking about work, and things that somehow disturb and upset me, I can’t let it go. 

I’ve just dressed, and I am now out on the veranda overlooking the lagoon. It’s dark, fresh, still and alive. It’s so silent and there’s a background of frogs croaking and the occasional call of a cuckoo bird. There’s splashing from the ducks in the darkness, followed by some quacking, and the sound of a rooster in the distance. 

This underlying peace and silence embraces and encompasses everything, the sounds rather than being a distraction from the silence, is part of this exquisite perfect beauty. 

The moon and Venus are magnetic, everything so silent and perfect. I feel calm relaxed and at peace, my mind has let go of the endless worries that tormented me while I was lying in bed; this beauty has embraced me in the most natural and gentle way. 

The new moon is on the horizon, a thin shining sliver; and the yellowy opaque outline of the whole moon, is reflecting on the still water of the lagoon. Venus is mesmerizing, alone, still and so bright in the clear night sky. Venus and the moon seem to be working together to reflect a beauty that’s beyond words. 

The lagoon is still, mirroring the moon, a perfect reflection of itself. And looking out everything I see, in the most natural and beautiful way; is a perfect reflection of myself, a rare blessing to feel this as the darkness retreats in the soft light of a new day dawning.









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In Tiruvannamalai India there's Mt Arunachala, in Mullumbimby Australia there's Mt. Chincogan. 

Mount Chincogan, was a minor lava plug of the now extinct Tweed shield volcano.The nearby Mount Wollumbin was the main plug. Mt Wollumbin is the largest caldera, extinct volcano in the southern hemisphere. Huge deposits of obsidian volcanic glass is underlying the whole region. 

*Obsidian volcanic glass is truth-enhancing. A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons. Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion. Helps you to know who you truly are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. Promotes qualities of compassion and strength.
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Maybe this is one of the reasons why many of us have been drawn to live in this beautiful area

The song ~ 'Sweet Surrender' from the album 'Surrender'  ~