I live on a planet called Earth that's surrounded by infinite space, and  is spinning  around at a speed of 1500 kilometres per hour ! When I stop and reflect on this, it gives me so much gratitude for this extraordinary life; and I feel compelled to delve into the mystery of who is born, and who dies ? It gives me a powerful perspective as to what's truly important in this precious life.

To the traditional owners of this land called Australia – my heartfelt respect. 

To Kerrianne Cox the renowned indigenous Sovereign Ngombarl singer - songwriter, it’s an honor to have her singing on this album.

To my family, and in particular my mother father and brother Brett, who have been unwavering in their support, and to my nephews Andreas Faseth and Jaxon and Isaac Nettelbeck, for reminding me how precious life is.

To Vita-Rafaela Marguin, for her sweet and spirited playfulness, optimism, wisdom, love and support, and for her beautiful photography, taking most of the photos of myself, and nature in these pages.

To Julia Scott–Wise for the cover photo of me in the North Indian Himalaya.              

To Anita Kwong Barnatan for her love and creativity in designing this beautiful album cover.

To Amba Sioban Hagen, Serano Nicolai, Raman Ellis, Arupa Allon and Jeannie O’Carrol for their love and care.

To the band Lucknow Sankirtan: Asakti Evans, Sangeeta Lavin and Dinesh Arnaud Mackie, for their love and support over many years.

To the musicians Ambika Taylor, Armando Ornano and Richard Champion
for their love and encouragement.

To Pratima Mumford Sephton for her love and support both financially, and as a friend.

To Hansa Natola for her love and creativity in video production.

To everyone who has supported and encouraged me to express myself musically.

To you for supporting this album.
                                  Love and Gratitude to you all.