A conversation with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from the book 'I am that'  


Questioner ~ What is it that brings me again and again to India ? It cannot be only the comparitive cheapness of life here? Nor the colourfulness and variety of impressions. There must be some more important factor. 

Maharaj ~ There is also the spiritual aspect. The division between the outer and the inner is less in India. It is easier here to express the inner in the outer. Intergration is easier. Society is not so oppressive. 

Questioner ~ Yes in the west it is all tamas and rajas. In India there is more of the sattva, of harmony and balance. 

Maharaj ~ Can't you go beyond the gunas? Why choose the sattva? Be what you are, wherever you are and worry not about gunas. 

Questioner ~ I have not the strength 

Maharaj ~ It merely shows that you have gained little in India. What you truly have you cannot lose. Were you well-grounded in your self, change of place would not affect it. 

Questioner ~ In India spiritual life is easy. It is not so in the West. One has to conform to environment to a much greater extent. 

Maharaj ~ Why don't you create your own environment? The world has only as much power over you as you give it. Rebel. Go beyond duality, make no difference between East and West. 

Questioner ~ What can one do when one finds oneself in a very unspiritual environment ? 

Maharaj ~ Do nothing . Be yourself. Stay out. Look beyond.


The song ''Have Passion Now For Freedom'  from the album 'Surrender'

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