Last week I accompanied a couple of people to 'Dreamworld Theme Park '

I have never been happy to see any wild animal kept in captivity, but at Dreamworld I was so entranced, touched and inspired by the most beautiful tiger cubs in a big outside enclosure. They were oblivious to everyone as they played, rolled around and chased each other, it was so beautiful to experience. There was such a profound beauty, they were gentle, playful and I could also feel the inherent underlying majesty, wildness strength and power. They were spontaneity, playfulness, naturalness and wildness in motion. I can't explain just how beautiful these tiger cubs were, it was just incredible ! 

I reflected on how life has been tamed, controlled, conquered, broken and destroyed in so many ways. The wildness, spontaneity, naturalness and aliveness has slipped away into the complacency of a controlled, fearful, secure and known life. 

These tiger cubs were a bridge and connection to awaken and connect with this underlying natural energy in a deep and profound way. 

If there is anything positive about keeping wild animals in captivity, it would be to inspire people to really care about doing something about protecting wild animals and their natural habitats. 

I am part of nature and have forgotten, I think I am lord of the manor observing nature, in control of nature and separating myself from nature; and forgetting I am just like any of the birds and animals around me, I am part of nature, and I forget. To have the opportunity to experience such natural beauty so directly is a privilege. If these cubs in captivity can inspire people to connect to their underlying natural beauty, and become motivated to save wild animals and their homes from destruction and extinction, then these cubs sacrifice will have been worth it. 

These tiger cubs and all animals and their natural habitats are a reflection, a bridge and a doorway to connect with our inherent underlying wildness and silent beauty, our natural state ~ an opportunity to awaken the tiger. 

It's our responsibility to protect those environments and animals, for their sake ........and ours.

Word Wildlife Fund ~

*Photo By D.P. Lyle, MD. Wildlife Forensic Science versus Poachers 

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