What seems to be an obstruction in my life,  is an opportunity to change direction, and to see what the rock actually is in my life. As history has shown me my fear to leave the well trodden safe bitumen road of my life, has so often left me standing, stuck, unmoving, fearful and  in hope, that something's going to change. So fixed on where I think I am going I can only see the obstruction; and not the endless possibilities.

When I embrace the fact that I don't actually know where I am going, and therefore no idea how to get there, everything becomes profoundly alive.

I can see that this rock is the only obstruction in my life, and that's my arrogance.... every idea, concept and belief I have that gives me the impression, the illusion  that 'I think I know' - In fact I have no idea what so ever.

The old saying 'I am between a rock and a hard place' is a lie I can see that I am endlessly between 'a rock and the opportunity for freedom' ~ freedom from the known.

An invitation to listen to the song 'Everything We See Is Just A Dream' from the album 'Surrender'
(Photo Ohio Dept. transport)


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