DEATH & RESSURECTION (The gift of Easter - it's not a chocolate egg)

I am usually up at 6am, but not this morning, I woke and slowly made my way to the day bed and drifted back into a half sleep. It's been a very demanding and tiring work week, and to lie in the sun on the veranda is such a joy. The warmth of the morning sun embracing me, such a nurturing "at home" feeling. So many birds singing, reminding me how beautiful it is to stop and relax.

On this still morning the constant hum of the busy highway can be heard in the distance. All those cars, all those people making there way to places planned so long ago. Lying here I feel so removed from the constant movement of my life, and I am so grateful to just lie here on the day bed, and "die to everything that I think I have to do, or should be doing"

In this reflective relaxed place with the sun seducing me and holding me gently from bolting into action on another mission, I know how important it is for me to "die to everything I think I have to do", and in that death there is a resurrection into the simple beauty of being here on the veranda, no where to go, nothing to do......until 12.30pm when I start work.

For me to remember this relaxed place, and know that this underlying peace is always here.



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