I was in Brunswick Heads Australia  today working with someone with a disability. We often sit on this magnificent old wooden seat next to the river. The wooden slats are aged, weather worn and so beautiful, it’s from another time and era. 

How long has it been there, 50 years or more? And how many people have sat on that very seat, looking out at the magnificent river as the tide comes in, and goes out? It was a different time back then, and that’s reflected in the wooden slats; they are old, grey, weather worn with green lichen. It took me back to a time when things were done with pride and workmanship; and natural materials were used, because it was plentiful and economic.

I feel privileged to sit on this comfortable old seat, I feel embraced and loved in some way, it takes me back  to a time that was slower, a time when there was more time to stop and talk, a time to  enjoy the silence and beauty of the river. One day this seat will be replaced with a new aluminium seat, of which there are examples only metres away. These new seats can’t convey the magic and beauty of this wooden seat.

Take the chance to sit down and  be transported - enjoy.


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