Gratitude is gratitude, but when expectation enters into the situation, that's another story. Gratitude doesn't turn into anything else, expectation is the thief that takes my attention somewhere else.
Life goes by, and I realize this is it, this is my life, it's not going to happen in a more ideal and better way, more in the shape of how I think it should be, or could be ~ it is as it is.

I could find myself at 90 years old, and reflecting on what happened to my life, and be left in the sadness that I never lived my life, because I couldn't see that life is the beauty beyond circumstance, beyond fear, beyond my idea of how it should be.
The opportunity is to see that life has nothing to do with out there, but here. And here is simply the absence of expectation, and surrendering to what is; and that's having no agenda or destination; to be naked in the vulnerability of not knowing, where crystal clear sweet cool water flows like magic out of the desert sands; and in the mirror of that small shallow pool I see myself ~ and the desert turns into an infinite ocean, and a thousand images flash before my eyes.
Death comes slowly to a tortured man holding onto ideas in his wrinkled hands ~ but death is instant in the face of love.

'Sweet Surrender' ~ from the album 'Surrender' ~

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