I was walking with someone with a disability today, that’s my work, that’s how I make a living. We were walking out along the Brunswick breakwater, the south wall. We both sat down on the rocks, and out of no where I was so aware of how my resistance disconnects me from everything. I could see that when there is the finest human hair thread of resistance; there is separation.

I realized that to stop, to truly stop and be here, is to have no resistance. When I have resistance to where I am, and to what ever I am doing; and when there is preference for something other that what is here right now, then there is resistance, and with that resistance there is tension.

Like two magnets when you try and bring both the south polarities together, you can feel the resistance the tension. It’s an amazing feeling when I have done that, I can see that the resistance separates me from everything, and it takes a lot of control and a lot of energy to keep that resistance up in life, and it’s the same with the magnets.

I can see that it’s the fear of not being in control that makes me control. In fact it’s the need to control that maintains the resistance and separation. Everything in life wants to reveal that everything is connected, there is no separation; In as much also all the resistance in the magnets is wanting to send them to the opposite polarity so that they join as one.

Sitting on the rocks looking out at the ocean, that fine thread of resistance somehow broke, and I could see people walking, birds flying, men fishing, clouds in the sky, rocks everything a perfect dance where I was not wanting to be anywhere else other than where I am. In the simplest way I was at peace, everything perfect and at peace in the most ordinary yet profound way.

I trust that my love for freedom and peace is greater than my fear and need to control; with all the resistance, tension, separation and suffering that comes with it.

I trust that my greatest love, is to not resist love.



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