I talked with my friend last night and she spoke about rank and how it dominates our lives. It was a very revealing conversation. Rank/status is the shadow hidden side that dominates our modern world and lives. 

Life is driven and dominated by rank, It can be material posessions, the people we know, the type of house and property we own, all the things we own, the capacity to travel throughout the world, and do whatever we want, the amount of money we have, the brand of car, sunny's, clothes, the occupation we have, or if we don't have to work, the image we project, and the creative talents we have, how many friends and likes we have on facebook etc. these all give us rank;

Or we transpose this into spiritual rank - the meditator, the awakened, the teacher, the leader, the yogi, the therapist, councillor, healer the one that knows etc. 

We gain more rank by getting validation and recognition. 
With rank comes comparison and judgment, and this never let's us stop, relax and accept ourselves, and rest in the beauty of life as it is.

RANK IS A HUGELY DOMINANT SHADOW, and without recognizing rank, and meeting what is behind this need for rank, we are left in a world of  separation, self deception, contraction, suffering, arrogance and spiritual narcissism; A place where we are endlessly seeking out validation and recognition ~ and this is so often done in the name of 'spreading the love ?'

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