It's 6.30 what an exquisite sunny Sunday morning sitting on the veranda birds singing so beautiful, what a blessed life to live here ! I find it amazing how my mind can boot up turn on and before I know it there's all this unrequested automatic google/kunda search in motion, on all kinds of random events and content comes "live streaming" - If this was my computer I would be taking it in for repairs.

I think the human hard drive is incredible but when it's on auto-recall and I haven't even got my hands on the mind/mouse, and even when I do, it does it's own thing ? It's very scary and questionable to see this rolling along all on it's own, and me jumping on board for the ride ?

Between seeing this, and being seduced by the warm sunshine and the myriad bird sounds, I find myself on standby, and the live streaming rolls on all on it's own. Gratitude for this beautiful veranda, this special place I call home,and the opportunity it gives me to stop and enjoy the beauty that's here


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