I was sitting on the rocks of the south wall at Brunswick heads looking down the beach at the lighthouse and headland of Byron Bay. I was taking care of someone as a disability care worker, we regularly go to the south wall and sit. Such a beautiful day, and I reflected on how so many people I know are travelling all over the world during winter and here I am ‘stuck in paradise ?’ 

Looking out at the lighthouse I could see how everything is relative. To travel from Mullumbimby to Sydney, Paris, New York, London or where ever. That distance is graspable and within the realms of understanding ~ the distance to get there, the time it will take, and the destination I will arrive at. 

If I could travel into outer space, into infinity, where there is no destination and no point of reference, and If I travelled at the speed of light, 299,792 km per second, I could travel for the rest of my life and I would still not arrive anywhere. It would be an infinite journey to nowhere, where distance and time would not exist, and I would find myself in the eternal present. 

Looking back down the beach I could feel how the infinite eternal present is always here, but  when my focus is on the endless destinations that I create each day, and when I have resistance to where I am in preference for where I would rather be, that veils and obscures the ever-present aliveness, beauty, joy and peace. 

The song 'Awaken This Heart' from the album "Surrender'

YouTube Video 'Awaken This Heart' from the album 'Surrender'


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