At this time in my life I am so aware
of how most of the day is an endless procession of thoughts - forever engaged in thinking. There are moments when the 'underlying' joy, peace and silence reveals itself, but these are rare moments in a thought filled day. 

I can see that it's my responsibility to dedicate myself to become familiar with this 'underlying' joy peace and silence, by stopping and sitting quietly on my veranda, walking on the beach, swimming, playing music and doing all those things that reveal this underlying beauty. 

What I am most familiar with, will be with me at death's door, now is the time to regularly put myself in the most supportive situations, so that I can be seduced,taken and immersed in the pure nectar of this moment ~ to let this become the most familiar part of my life. 

The song 'Sweet Surrender' from the album 'Surrender' ~ 

(Photo Rumi Calander 2015 Artwork Matt Manley - Brush Dance Inc.)


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