An unexpected spiritual experience ~

I opened the toilet door this morning and was greeted by a blinding white light that was shining out of the toilet.
I fell to my knees; and a deep, powerful loving voice spoke to me, the words echoing off the toilet walls. I had heard of this happening with burning bushes, but this was a totally leftfield experience.

The voice commandingly spoke ~

“All is not what it appears to be, wisdom is not always found where you expect to find it, hundred dollar bills and toilet paper are the same. A king’s throne or a toilet, both are equally blessed. A rich man can fly first class to Acapulco and drink pina coladas pool side, or the money can be burnt to keep a homeless man warm in winter. Don’t try and make sense of this world, the only meaning is the one you give, and that’s based on your fear. Be free of fear and nothing will ever look the same again”

As quickly as it had appeared the voice was gone, and the blinding light was no longer there, just me and the toilet. Dazed, shaken and in disbelief, I got up and sat on the toilet and closed my eyes. I could hear bells ringing in the distance; I opened my eyes to find myself standing in a field; an endless sea of yellow wheat that was swaying in a gentle breeze, the sun was shining, such a familiar silence, beauty and peace, a child hood memory, ever present and alive. Church bells rang in the distance, and I awoke in my bed in Myocum, to find myself running late for work.

Everything we see is just a dream -…

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