I have always loved gemstones their beauty and healing qualities have always attracted me. A few days ago I purchased a 'Cherry Quartz' sphere. It's magnificent, so beautiful,  and it has a list of amazing healing qualities ? I googled cherry quartz to find out more about it. Much to my disappointment  it's not natural quartz or a gemstone at all, IT'S GLASS !  That doesn't take away from the fact that it's a very beautiful glass sphere - but it isn't what I thought it was, or what it appeared to be.

When I am told something is 'cherry quartz', that gives me an impression of what it is. When something is labelled, and I believe in the label and the image of something or someone; it creates a whole reality based on what I believe to be true. This colourful sphere was beautiful seductive inspiring, so I bought it.

In this world there is so much deception everywhere. We are sold everything in our lives, we sell ourselves to each other, not intentionally but we all project an image and relate to that.  

I can appreciate the beauty of things whether man made or natural, but  now that I know the cherry quartz sphere is glass, it just doesn't have the same beauty ?
It hasn't changed, but my view of it has changed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? and that's  influenced by what I believe about  something or someone.
When seeing the beauty in something or someone is based on 'what I believe', it's a very sad situation.

This glass sphere is now on my desk, and will be an ongoing reminder that beauty is beyond natural, unnatural, beyond my preferences, projections and beliefs, beauty is all of it, and none of it. Without judgement or expectation, everything is simply what it is, and it's beautiful.

The song ~ 'Eyes Are Wide Open Who Is The Seer' from the album 'Surrender'



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