From when I was 12 years old I was passionate to know the meaning of  life ? What I saw at the time wasn't very inspiring - go to school, get a job, marry ,have kids, drink beer, watch football, get old and die ? (nothing wrong with any of those things by the way)  I wanted to understand the mystery of life, I wanted to find peace, happiness and love, the unconditional version, it's been a long time since then.

I can now see that it's never been about finding love, it's always been about having the vigilance to recognize what hides this unknown illusive love.

Love has always been here, but hidden in the shadow of my arrogance.

There are many definitions of arrogance but for me arrogance is thinking that I know, believing I am in control, the arrogance of taking life for granted, and needing to be someone special. And all that seems to happen in such a spiritually subtle and deceptive way.

Arrogance is born out of my fear - it's the avoidance of living in the vulnerability and beauty of not knowing.

For me life is about having a commitment and passion for what is true, and having the vigilance to stop living in fear, self deception and suffering. As challenging as that might be, in this precious life, what other challenge is more worthwhile than this.


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